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Botanical Soaps: A modern guide to making your own soaps, shampoo bars and other beauty essentials 2021

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Замечательная книга по созданию натуральных продуктов для тела – мыло, кремы, шампуни и другие косметические продукты, включая масла для губ, очищающие средства, соли для ванн и натуральные дезодоранты. 

Soap Making and Candle Making Book: Step by Step Guide to Do-It-Yourself Soaps and Candles 2019

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1 часть - Книга по изготовлению мыла. Знаете ли вы, в чем преимущество натурального мыла ручной работы и почему все больше и больше людей создают дома органическое мыло ручной работы своими руками? 

Homemade Bath Bombs & More: Soothing Spa Treatments for Luxurious Self-Care and Bath-Time Bliss 2020

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Замечательное издание по изготовлению косметических средств и шипящих бомбочек для ванн. 

Natural Soap Making Guide For Beginners: A Do It Yourself Soap Making Startup Guide 2020

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Книга для любителей мыловарения.

Natural Soap Making: 2 Books In 1. The Ultimate Guide For Hobby and Business With Over 120 Recipes to Make Natural Soap 2020

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Как сделать замечательное натуральное мыло за небольшие деньги.
Вы ищете увлекательное и практичное хобби? Хотите сделать идеальный подарок для друзей, родственников или членов семьи? Тогда эта книга для вас!

Natural Soap Making: Simple and Effective Techniques To Create Natural Soap Making For Beginners 2020

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Soap making is a highly interesting and calming hobby that has become quite popular nowadays. A lot of people have taken up soap-making as a hobby because it allows them to relax and make beautiful soaps that they can gift to their loved ones. In addition, a recent rise in the 'back to nature' phenomenon has made soap making a popular hobby.

Soap Making for Beginners: Deliciously Simple Do-It-Yourself Soaps Recipes: Make Homemade Natural and Organic Soaps from Herbs 2020

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Are you looking for a method for crafting soap while at home? Then keep reading…

Soap Making Recipes: A Step-By-Step Guide to Natural Soap Making for Beginners 2020

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Have you ever felt “clean” but at the same time your skin felt uncomfortable, itchy and lacking moisture? It’s all because of the unnatural components of the “soap” that are stripping your skin of its natural oils. Did you even take a glance at the ingredients list of what soap you’re using? I’m pretty sure you have not. It’s too long, filled with words you can’t even understand, let alone, pronounce.

Herbal Soap Making: A Complete Homemade Soap Guide for Beginners, Including Dozens of Easy Soap Making Recipes 2020

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The process of making herbal soap is something not many people know about. 

Homemade Organic, Anti-Bacterial & Natural Soap Recipes: Beat Bacteria and Fight Viruses with DIY Liquid, Foaming and Bar Soaps 2020

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Книга по созданию в домашних условиях натурального мыла, антибактериальных средств и др.
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